Schaapmans' Wildlife Spotting

Photos. Wildlife photos. Lots of them. But Schaapmans does not want to show them just randomly. No. All animals spotted and photographed by Schaapmans are grouped based on the biological classification. What is that biological classification?

The biological classification or scientific classification in biology is a method of scientific taxonomy. It's used to categorize life into groups.

In Schaapmans' case it's used to categorize all animal (wildlife) photos. The categorizations for each animal photo go from the highest level, kingdom to class (e.g. mammals), order (e.g. carnivores) to family (e.g. cats), genus (e.g. Panthera) and species (e.g. Panthera pardus, more commonly known as leopard).

Each photo is labeled with each level or taxon. With each taxon you can see the underlying photos as well as the information of all parent taxa and the underlying taxa. Each taxon is labeled with its official Scientific name like Panthera pardus, the English common name like leopard and the Dutch common name like luipaard.