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Scientific name: Mantella aurantiaca
English common name: Golden Mantella
Nederlandse triviale naam: Gouden Kikker

The Golden Mantella is a beautiful and delicate frog from the family Mantellidae. This family only exists on Madagascar and a neighbouring island (Mayotte) and resemble South-America's poison dart frogs; a mere case of convergent evolution. Unfortunately the Golden Mantella, that only lives on Madagascar, is Critically EndangeredLink to a page on this site. If nothing happens it will soon become extinct (in the wild).

I was not lucky enough to encounter the Golden Mantella in the wild. Or maybe lucky enough: I do not want to disturbe it's habitat. The outlooks are grim. Their natural area is probably less than 10km2, its distribution is severely fragmented, and the extent of its forest habitat in east-central Madagascar is declining, and the number of mature individuals might also be declining through over-exploitation.

The chances that you will encounter a Golden Mantella in the wild are now extremely small. I've made my photos in a reserve, where some specimens were kept.

  • species: Mantella aurantiaca

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Golden Mantella - Exotic Reserve Peyrieras, Madagascar David d'O false Golden Mantella - Exotic Reserve Peyrieras, Madagascar