Schaapmans' Wildlife Spotting
Scientific name: Cuculiformes
English common name: Turacos, Cuckoos, Coucals, Hoatzins
Nederlandse triviale naam: Koekoeksvogels

The Cuculiformes is an order that traditionally comprises 3 families: Musophagidae - Turacos and allies, Cuculidae - Cuckoos, Coucals, Roadrunners and Anis, Opisthocomidae - Hoatzin (or Opisthocomiformes). The Hoatzin is an amazing animal, unfortunately I have never seen it in the wild (well I haven't been to the Amazon basin to be fair). And if the debate about Musophagidae below might be complicated or up for controversy, that is peanuts compared to the controversy of the Hoatzin and its ancestry. Apparently it is the taxonomically most enigmatic birdLink to an external page in a new window that exists.

According to the Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomyLink to an external page in a new window the Turaco family (Musophagidae) does not belong with the Cuculiformes. Instead, they are too distinct and should be granted their own order: Musophagiformes. Encyclopedia Of Life uses several schemes of taxonomic ordering (there are several systems out there and not every organisation has concensus with all the other organisations) and most of them - especially the recently reviewed ones - now go for placing turaco's and alliesLink to an external page in a new window in their own order. Yet, the IUCN Red List for Threatened Species chooses to keep them within CuculiformesLink to an external page in a new window. Literally a bit cuckoo and confusing.

I chose to position MusophagidaeLink to a page on this site within their own order: MusophagiformesLink to a page on this site. Just for the reference, I keep the family of Musophagidae within the Cuculiformes. With a dashed line and it will link to the page below the new order of Musophagiformes.

And for the record: the blue bird in my 'jungle bar' at the top of this website is inspired by the Great Blue Turaco. Especially its colours. So you know. The monkeys are just generic monkeys that on purpose look like no actual species.

  • order: Cuculiformes
    • family:  Musophagidae (4)
      Turacos and allies
      Toerako's, Loeries of Bananeneters

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